Frequently Asked Questions

What are STAYHOLD® Cargo Holders?

STAYHOLD® Cargo Holders are a new product range for securing loose items in your car boot or trunk. Useful for your shopping, holding suitcases, stopping bottles from rolling around and countless other uses. Using VELCRO® Brand Technology your STAYHOLD® product grips the carpet in your car to prevent it from moving when an object pushes against it.

How do they stick to the carpet?

Our Cargo Holders stick to the carpet in your car using extra strong hook tape strips. VELCRO® Brand hook and loop technology means the hook strips on our Holders lock into the woven loops in the carpet.

What can I use them for?

You can use your Cargo Holder to secure almost any loose object in your car boot / trunk. It works really well with big and small items and you will discover new ways to use it the more you play with it.

What are the special features on my STAYHOLD® Cargo Holder?

STAYHOLD® Cargo Holder products feature hook strips on the bottom to make them adhere to carpet.

Ergonomically designed, easy grip handles positioned on either end of the STAYHOLD® Cargo Holders make removing the unit from the carpet super easy. Using either one of the handles your STAYHOLD® unit will peel away from the carpet in a continuous motion.

Using multiple STAYHOLD® Cargo Holders you can create compartments in your trunk tailored to fit whatever items you need to carry. These compartments are completely modular and are super easy to reposition every time you need to bring something different.

STAYHOLD® Cargo Holder products are made from very durable, toughened, long-life plastic so you don’t need to worry about replacing it.

Accessory expansion slots allow for the use of our QUICKSTRAPS™ or Utility Straps for holding small or awkward items. Convenient and versatile.

What size are they?

Currently we have two sizes available.

Our Classic Cargo Holder is 18” (460mm) wide, 7.5” (190mm) high and 5.3” (135mm) deep.

Perfectly big enough to hold most items. Works great with a bag of groceries without them toppling over (unlike other smaller trunk organizers). Big enough to get the job done but small enough to be easy to handle.

Our Mini Cargo Holder is 4.6” (117mm) wide, 7.5“ (190mm) high and 5.5” (140mm) deep.

A super usable size. Small enough for several to fit in even the smallest car but still extremely capable. Used alone, in multiple or in conjunction with the Classic unit the Mini Cargo Holder is a favourite choice for keeping your stuff safe.

Can you clean your STAYHOLD® Cargo Holders?

Yes, it is very easy to clean. As our STAYHOLD™ products are made from a glossy plastic dirt and dust are very easy to remove. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and your STAYHOLD® products should look shiny and as good as new.

What should you NOT use your STAYHOLD™ Products for?

We do not advise that you use your STAYHOLD™ products for holding excessively heavy (such as a beer keg), or very expensive objects (such as a crystal vase). We also don't think it is a good idea to use a STAYHOLD® products to hold your children or dog in place despite people asking us this questions all the time. :-)

Will STAYHOLD™ products work with a gas cylinder?

STAYHOLD® Classic works great with a regular domestic gas cylinder if you turn the it around and tuck it beneath the gas cylinder.

What if it doesn't work on the carpet in my car?

If it doesn't work on the carpet in your car your car must have a velour type carpet. STAYHOLD® products use VELCRO® brand hook and loop fasteners. The carpet provides the loops for the hooks to grip. Some carpets are made using a non woven technique which does not create loops. STAYHOLD® products cannot grip these kinds of carpets. However, if you experience this, try using your STAYHOLD® products backwards and placing your loose objects on top of STAYHOLD® products flat surface. This uses the weight of the objects to give the STAYHOLD® products extra grip helps to prevent it from moving around. Another solution is to put a bit of extra carpet or a carpet mat into your trunk and your STAYHOLD® products should then stick perfectly. Now you can position this wherever you need to and place your loose objects on this mat using the STAYHOLD® products to keep them in place. This also has the added benefit of keeping your car carpet clean!

Will STAYHOLD® products work on non carpeted areas?

No, but as mentioned above, using a section of carpet or a carpet mat on a boot liner or other non carpeted area will allow your STAYHOLD® products to grip and mean that you can use it in a similar way as in a regular car.

Will STAYHOLD® products stick to the carpet in my house?

STAYHOLD® products will stick to a lot of house carpets, although some heavy pile and non woven carpets will not provide the grip STAYHOLD® products need.

Using STAYHOLD® products in your house might be useful to prevent items moving around in the event that your house is

a) suspended from colourful balloons and floating to a magical land*

b) lifted up in a tornado and you meet a girl called Dorothy*

c) a boat on the rough seas*

* Stayhold Limited does not take any responsibility if you find yourself suddenly in a Disney Pixar film, damage caused by wicked witches, tornados or if your house floats away.

Where else will my STAYHOLD™ products be useful?

In your caravan / RV, on a yacht, and any other place where you need to stop things from moving around on a carpeted surface. Do planes have carpet?

Are STAYHOLD™ products water proof?

YES, perfect for use on your boat...(do boats have carpet?)

Will there be any more STAYHOLD™ products coming?

Yep and we'll keep you updated on facebook and twitter.

What if my question is not answered here?

We'd love to answer any other questions you might have, just let us know at or just leave us a comment on facebook.