Our Story


Design and creativity is a fundamental virtue that we base and build our company on. We strive to continue creating and making better the world around us by addressing and solving problems that irk and annoy us in little ways in every day life. STAYHOLD™ Products were born from an annoyance of having loose objects move around in the car. From this we took a notion, developed it into a bunch of ideas, from there it grew into a full design concept and then we were able to turn it into a product and form a brand and company around what the initial notion stands for. Now with STAYHOLD products, the company will continue crafting notions and ideas into products that each solve little problems or make aspects of life easier and better.




In The Beginning.

A few years ago Mick had an idea for a device to stop things from rolling around in his car boot. He made a wooden model and used it for a while until it fell apart. Having experienced the safety and peace of mind that the wooden prototype provided Mick realised that it was solving a problem that many other drivers were having and wanted to do something to help. 

Fast forward a few years...

While working on a job for his logistics company Michael randomly meets Ben and Alan who run a little industrial design studio, CURVE, in Dublin and gets into a conversation about this idea he once had for a device to make objects safe in a car boot. This conversation quickly flourishes into an enthusiastic brainstorm and the idea evolves from a notion and a wooden mock up into lots of new ideas and ways to make it a viable product.

Following the random chance encounter which brought the guys together STAYHOLD™ Products were born and the start of a brand new product and company began. 
What lay ahead was a lengthy development process of testing, fine tuning, tweaking, naming, branding, ideating, and much more.


Getting Off The Ground.

8 months later the concept had evolved into a reality. After countless models and prototypes, testing materials and structures, visualising shapes and designs, testing for intuitive usability and optimal versatility of use the product was ready to go into production. Having joined forces with our good friends Aiko and Patrick to source production we needed a catalyst to stimulate some interest in the product. A few weeks after we sent a little press release around to a few blogs we began to see a trickle of viewers to our site. We were getting some coverage on a few small gadget blogs. Then it started to move faster and the next thing we knew Gizmodo had posted us and suddenly we started getting some orders through the site and then the momentum began to grow and Stayhold started to bounce around the web to other blogs. We got some really nice features with some great words from CORE77 among others. Quite quickly the small amount of stock we had from our first sample order was sold out for web orders and we were organising an emergency stock shipment.

  "the ideal of what industrial design has to offer" - Core77.com


Onwards and Upwards.

Following the internet buzz we received after launch we knew there was a market for the product and saw that people could see the benefits of STAYHOLD™ Products. We began to receive lots of enquiries for the product from retailers and distributors most notably being The Home Depot who took on the product at the start of 2014. At the time we only had the STAYHOLD™ Classic but due to the accelerated timeline we were going through we also sped up our plans to add to the product line and launch the MINI and accessory straps. This led us into 2014 in a strong position and now wanted to build relationships with distributors and try and put our new product range on some shelves and get some recognition going. 

This section of our timeline ended up being the lengthiest so far. Despite any publicity online and in the press and even the validation of a super retailer ordering so early on it has been much harder than anticipated to grow a retail presence to begin putting the product in front of it's worthy market. We were in the process of developing our new Multiple Display Unit, a custom point of sale display stand which could be positioned anywhere in a store and display a collection of the product range.  


So we began to show our new MDU to stores and we officially launched the MDU at the Automechanika Trade Show in Frankfurt in September 2014. The response was resounding. Retailers loved the idea of our MDU and we began to see the merit of this when we started to get a few orders. 

The lesson we learned was that as a startup EVERYTHING is trial and error. Every day you enter uncharted territory. Sometimes you might take the correct path and never know what lay down the wrong route, but when ever you take the wrong turn there's always a reconnecting road to get back on track. It just depends how long it takes to find the turn off. 



"Unlike a conventional trunk organizer, it won’t limit you to specific sizes or shapes of compartments, plus it can be very easily moved out of the way when you need your full trunk space for larger loads." - Gizmag.com



We have started to build a great team in Stayhold Limited and are looking forward to the future. 

Following the success of implementing our MDU and gaining some great contacts in Frankfurt we are driven to build strong relationships with our current and new distributors.

STAYHOLD™ Products solved a problem, it allowed us to build a company on a product and form a brand that stands for something. 

"We aim to establish STAYHOLD™ Products as a brand associated with simplicity, innovation and useful products. Our first product, STAYHOLD™ Classic, will act as a keystone for the company on which we will build our brand and develop other products. We will be complimenting the original STAYHOLD™ Classic with accessories for the cargo and car space. Further to our accessory range we are developing other products and also intend to branch out from the car product market into other product areas where we aim to bring new creative solutions to age-old tasks and problems." - Ben, Creative Director. 

Stayhold Limited is growing into an international team with a variety of personel from designers, skilled sales and marketing people, manufacturing experts and experienced logistics staff. 

We look forward to furthering the company and brand and working with a range of clients in retail and design business.

A massive thank you is due to everyone who has helped us along the way so far. Family, friends, industry piers, people of the internet who write nice things, and of course our customers.

Thank you.   


- Mick, Alan, Ben.